You Are More Than Enough

by Oct 21, 2020

More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth was a captivating read for our book club readers. This part-autobiography, part-memoir provided a unique learning experience for all. We learned from Elaine’s life, her rise to influence, and gained insight into the challenges she faced as a woman of color. More Than Enough tapped into the discussion on race and how no matter how much you try to blend in, your race walks into every room. However finding the ways to connect with others and overcome those challenges are the biggest lesson. There were so many takeaways, but here are my top five for you!


“When the world tells you shrink, expand.”

The expectations of the world can present you an opportunity to fall back and stand in line. Yet when the world tells us to fall back, to not speak up, to stand in line, or even to submit – there is always another choice. There is the choice to speak up, to rise, and even to lead. The stories presented in this book were refreshing and shined a light on how as a black woman, Elaine was able to rise, and break those judgements, to open a whole new world for herself. A wonderful reminder, for anyone that has a goodness that they want to put in the world, to keep pushing and make your dream happen.


“When women affirm women, it gives us permission to shine brighter.”

Sharing your dreams with someone takes trust. And if you are a person that is a witness to hearing someone’s dream for their lives, you have an amazing opportunity to affirm them. The power in affirmation can be fatal. It can be the difference between seeing someone bring amazing change to the world or be lost without any affect. This is a powerful reminder to support and encourage those that trust us in all the good things.


“Falling down is inevitable, getting up is on you.”

We’ve all fallen down. Sometimes we trip, or are tripped on our way down too. This book really focused on the experiences of Elaine and what she endured and continues to endure as a woman of color. Truth is, we all have areas of our lives that we fall down, and much of it doesn’t have to do with race. In Grit, Angela Duckworth, explained how perseverance is the differentiator to success. The key is getting up. It’s making sure that when you stumble, you have your eyes on end goal, get up, brush yourself off and keep on moving.


“No matter how much you try to blend in you race walks into every room.”

Nothing can be farther than the truth in this statement. This was true not only Elaine’s life, but also the lives of countless other persons of influence. It’s sad that race has to be an issue, but we can’t ignore that it is. The key first awareness of our actions, and of our responses to race in every waking moment. Just like a muscle, it does take practice to retool our minds with healing, positive, and encouraging thoughts on the differences of others.


“Discovering what you don’t want is just as important as finding out what you do.”

If what you are doing doesn’t serve your ultimate purpose, how great is it to know and be aware that it isn’t for you. To know what road not to go down, is just as good direction as knowing the way. This awareness should also be celebrated for the clarity that it provides. When you have clarity, you have progress, and you are one step closer to your purpose.


“The world is waiting on you.”

One things is for sure. If you have something to share, a dream, a message – don’t coil back in sharing this with the world. You have a unique message, in your unique voice and what you have to say matters. The world is definitely waiting on you to show up and share. Don’t deny anyone of the gift that you have to give.

If you didn’t get a chance to join for the book club, I encourage you that you do next time. For the list of the upcoming books, please visit the book club page. Bringing in different voices, and unique perspectives of thought is what will help us to learn, and ultimately make us better. If you resonate with any of the takeaways, I would love to hear it below in the comments.

P.S. Do you want to learn more about diversity and inclusion for events? Check out this podcast episode to help enlighten you on what is needed in our industry.


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