Why How You Work Matters

by Dec 15, 2023

How we work matters. When it comes to the end of your workday or end of your work week, you may wonder if after all of the tasks completed, if the work you do truly matters. The answer to this question will lead us to some profound solutions that can allow us to get even more work done. We do this by focusing on what matters. This we look at areas that aren’t always at the surface. We then rely on adjusting our systems, our processes, and how well we manage the tasks that are being requested of us.

In this episode, Naomi unpacks four key questions that will allow you to look at the work on your desk a little bit differently. These questions will allow you to focus on the how, and not the tasks that you did not get done. The questions that we ask ourselves will lead us to think of more targeted ways in which we approach problems that happen in the workplace. If we continue to approach problems the same way, then the outcome will be the same. However, by focusing on doing something different, then different results will happen.

Let’s make our work count in the weeks and months ahead. Thank you so much for listening, until next time, stay on purpose.

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