What’s Your Intent? (MyIntent Project)

by Jan 15, 2019

I love hearing about people that are taking their best shot of putting good out into the world. Chris Pan does just that with the MyIntent Project. The MyIntent Project is a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive action around the world. The purpose of this project is to encourage people around the world to share truth and inspiration with each other. In the spirit of the MyIntent Project, I would like to know what is your intent?

What is MyIntent?

My experience with MyIntent Project came while attending the Meetings & Incentives Worldwide Summit that is held every year. During the summit employees and clients come from around the globe to hear about what’s new and what’s happening next from the company. The week during the summit is filled with intense engagement, robust education, networking, and a tradeshow.

At the summit, Chris Pan had the opportunity to share his wonderful story of starting MyIntent. I was taken aback after hearing Chris’s story. This man who was a Harvard graduate, and a former executive at Facebook, felt like he could do more. And not only did he think it, he did it. Chris wanted to connect individuals to a common purpose. To relate to their own stories in life by enabling them to project a unique word that resonates with them to the world.

A simple bracelet, with a washer imprinted with a word, has brought so much meaning to all of those that are so honored to wear one. All of us are so unique in different ways, and we have experienced life in different ways. So the word that one selects is unique to that person. It also comes with an intimacy that embedded with you and all who hear its story.

Chris Pan understood that all of us makes a difference in different ways. I love this video as he shares the intent of the MyIntent Project and his vision for humanity.

What’s My Word?

So after hearing Chris’s presentation, I had the opportunity to receive a bracelet with my word or phrase on it. My phrase was “Love Cures All”.

I chose this phrase because it helps me remember the little bit I can do each day to make the world a better place. In a time where we look at our mobile phones and see something devastating every day, it’s hard to think that little you can make a difference. While we can’t create world peace in one fail swoop, we can do the little things like love all those around us and treat everyone with kindness. Wearing my bracelet helps me to remember what my purpose is and how I can help the world.

Want to Know More?

If you are interested in hearing more of Chris’s story, see the below video in which his work was featured on NBC. After meeting Jay-Z, and sharing his story, Chris’s project took off and allowed him to meet some pretty powerful people that helped him share his heart.


If this post moved you to want your bracelet with your word, you can go to the MyIntent Project’s website and purchase yours now. Each bracelet is personally created by a member of Chris’s team and which their name accompanies your bracelet when you receive it.

The MyIntent Project will come out for your events as well. Chris can share his story, and have the audience engage in impactful and moving ways. His team can come to your next event equipment with the materials to make bracelets onsite too. This is such a great idea for teambuilding, motivation, or adding a service piece to your event.

If you have received a bracelet or purchased one from MyIntent, I would love to hear what your word is and if you feel so led to share your story.



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