What is Beautiful?

by Aug 11, 2013

~ A quick moment of reflection ~

This morning my five-year old daughter asked if her hair was beautiful. For those of you that don’t know my daughter, she has long beautiful silky black curly hair. I love her hair, and wished that I had her hair. It was a simple question, however before I answered her I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a bigger lesson here. Of course I could tell her, “yes” her hair was beautiful. Yet, I felt something impressing on me to tell her that outside looks aren’t always characteristic of a true beauty. Your face, hair, eyes, and body are one thing, but your heart, mind, soul, and voice are another. Being truly beautiful is being aware of what the beauty and goodness that flows through you versus the beauty in the mirror.

Photo credit: My Small Big Girl by Spiral Eye accessed via Flickr


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