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by Aug 29, 2016

I had a wonderful opportunity to connect with Sara Schiller, co-founder of MEET, The Meeting Solutions Company. What prompted our chat was the attention my post 10 Creative Meeting Spaces had garnered, and increased interest in innovative event spaces. It was clear that many readers wanted to find out more about MEET, and what drives their company to provide the new and innovative spaces to their community.

MEET event spaces are located in many locations throughout greater New York City. Each space unique and has its own personality. At the top of our chat, I asked Sara Schiller about MEET, and what was the driving factor to start this wonderful company. Sara explained that herself and her husband Marc built the company to service their own needs, and in the process they revolutionized the meetings business. Revolution for MEET came with a very pointed focus centered on technology, design, and service. MEET’s brand in its many locations, exudes these characteristics.


At MEET, the focus on technology is very important to their clientele. The high demand for presenting materials to audiences drives the supply of having event spaces with adequate projection. MEET’s staff prides themselves on being able to offer fail-safe computer hookups for presenters. Presenters will never have to worry that their presentation isn’t able to be projected. The staff at MEET guarantees connection by working with their clients to ensure preparation for any situation.



There is an unspoken trend that is lingering in the event planning community. Many event professionals want to be able to have a location were design elements speak for themselves. This is one of the top reasons why planners choose MEET – for its design. Event professionals are looking for innovative, unique, spaces that radiate an artistic flair, not just drywall and off-white paint. The most engaging aspect of MEET’s event spaces are that their locations showcase many contemporary urban artists’ work, many of whom the owners have been collecting for over 15 years. When speaking with Sara about the artwork in the MEET event spaces, she described the art as “vibrant, powerful, and at times provocative”. One thing is for sure, Sara and her team definitely have an eye for design.

“This is not your every day meeting, this is someplace special and the meeting is going to be exciting!”
– Sara Schiller


Many times difference between an event space, and another event space, is the service that you receive. For MEET, service, is an intense area of focus. Sara Schiller aims for every meeting that comes to a MEET location to be special.  “This is not your every day meeting, this is someplace special and the meeting is going to be exciting!” explains Sara. Don’t we all want to feel special?

When planning an event with MEET, everything is centered around the purpose of the meeting. If you find yourself collaborating with MEET on your event, the first goal would be to align on your purpose. Connecting the purpose to the MEET’s space offerings isn’t easy. It entails customizing food, setup, and activities to align all to support the purpose. As an example, MEET works with over 20 select vendors so that they can have a robust offering of food selections to fit the eclectic needs of their clients. When you work with MEET, they want to get to know you as a customer, know your goals, objectives, and purpose so that they can create an experience like no other for your meeting or event. They also make sure to pay close attention to the needs of the senior level executive. The best part is that MEET believes in making their events so special that they have a ritual that their clients absolutely love – a complimentary wine and cheese tasting for every meeting, in every location.

MEET on Bowery


MEET has opened a new location called MEET on Bowery. This location is on the lower east side of a growing area in New York that is filled with new boutique hotels and restaurants. The MEET on Bowery location boasts a classic style of meeting that is equipped with custom conference tables and walls that boast and brag with contemporary design and art. The MEET on Bowery location also has a warm and flowing meditation lounge that has silk fabrics from the ceiling and Buddhist Tangkas on the wall, and also sports a deck that can be of assistance for taking breaks outside. MEET on Bowery retains the MEET tradition of the open concept kitchen and contemporary urban art. It is the location worth seeing and planning for your next event in New York.

I am very thankful to have the opportunity to chat with Sara Schiller and look forward to hearing more about what MEET is doing in the industry. If you have an opportunity to plan an event at a MEET location, post your experience. I would be interested to hear about your experience and your favorite MEET location to hold events.


Sara Schiller is the co-founder and President of MEET and Wooster Collective. In 2015, she assumed the role as President of Bond Strategy and Influence. With husband Marc, the Schillers have published many books and in 2010 released “Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art” with TASCHEN. They have been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, Good Magazine, among other notable publications. Sara holds an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business in Finance and Marketing and received her Bachelors from Bowdoin College where she volunteers as an Alumni Fund Director. She resides in downtown NYC with her daughters.


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