Vacation Not Curing Your Burnout? Here’s Why.

by Nov 21, 2023

Does a vacation help burnout? Have you ever gone on vacation hoping to cure your distress from the workplace and from life, and the time you take just isn’t enough? Even better, have you ever come back from vacation a week later you are back to the same feeling of helplessness that you had before you ever left?

When your vacation isn’t working, and your burnout is still a real thing in your life you might want to consider a few of the reasons mentioned in this episode as to why things aren’t working in your favor. Some of these reasons include, not setting yourself up for success prior to you leaving on vacation or even coming back from vacation working in the same way you did before you left.

Whatever your situation is, there’s hope for you and your situation, but hope starts with change. And some subtle tweaks on how you vacation can help you break free of the stress that can burden you on your return, and help you to prevent future burnout in your life.


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Banish Burnout Challenge

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