Unveiling the Lucky Boxcutter’s Secrets to Event Success with Sara Gorlick

by Oct 25, 2023

Get ready to dive into the world of event planning with industry pace-setter, Sara Gorlick! In an unexpected twist of fate, Sara Gorlick kicked off her corporate career with a 1,500-person Health Care Summit. After being thrown into the fire of logistics, floor plans, programming, and solving on-site crises she was hooked.

In this episode, Sara unravels the mystery of assembling a high-performing team. Sara loves it when a team functions in at its peak, anticipating challenges before they arise. Join us as we uncover the profound impact a well-oiled team can have on the success or downfall of an event.

Sara’s journey takes a personal twist as she opens up about the invaluable role of mentorship in her life. Discover how a great mentor can be your guiding light, helping you to grow, and providing the wisdom that you need for your next steps. Mentorship is a delicate dance where support outweighs judgment, and Sara shares her story of how this unfolds for her.

Our conversation doesn’t stop there, because we expand to discuss the extraordinary power of kindness and how it can magnify the success of your events, especially when overcoming challenges. Sara’s passion shines as she shows us about showing how planners can lean on kindness when it comes to interacting with clients, partners, and suppliers. Even when an event goes wrong, handling challenges with kindness can give you a much bigger outcome.

Get ready for another episode that is bound to leave you inspired and motivated. Sara has had a remarkable journey, you’ll get some remarkable takeaways from this podcast episode. To learn more about Sara’s story, and her book, “The Lucky Boxcutter” visit www.luckyboxcutter.com or connect with Sara on Instagram.

Tune in, get inspired, and stay on purpose!


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