Understanding the Common Disruptions to Your Work-Life Balance

by Dec 17, 2023

We all experience common disruptions to work-life balance. This episode talks about some of those common disruptions that send event planners into a tailspin, bring on excessive belts of overwhelm, fear, and give you a key to conquering these disruptions in your future.

Identifying when your work-life balance is disrupted can feel like a scientific experiment. The reason being, is life can happen rather quickly and it can be tough to decipher when and where things went awry. These common disruptions to your work-life balance can be silent killers to productivity and can cause overwhelm. Because of this, if you aren’t careful, your response to the situation can be the difference between moving through the challenges with awareness and grace or becoming more susceptible to more damaging factors.

Areas that can cause upheaval in our lives are finances, relationships, the unexpected, moral conflicts, and mortality. For example, we can receive news that impacts our finances. When receiving that news, it can really impact your mindset on what you’re working on, and send your day and even your month into some difficulty. These types of situations can happen in all of these areas.

We unpack each of these areas on this podcast episode with the hopes that you understand how they can occur, and gain ways on how you can conquer the fear that resides at the foundation of it all. The goal for you is to understand these common disruptions to you work-life balance, and understand when you find yourself in these situations that you move forward with awareness.

Thank you so much for listening, until next time, stay on purpose.


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