Turning Criticism into Positivity as a Planner with Jordan Kentris

by Sep 7, 2022

Today’s interview feature is with special guest Jordan Kentris. Jordan is the owner of A Good Day, a boutique design firm, born to serve planners and their eclectic tastes and styles within events.

Jordan has also been recognized as the Most Innovative People in 2020 for his creative, holistic approach to virtual events. In this episode, we talk about how you can turn criticism to positivity as a planner as Jordan shares more about himself and helpful tips.

Episode Highlights

  • Jordan talks about how the pandemic affected his business and how he was able to merge two parts of his business to create a unique brand.
  • Listen to the voice of the customer to get insight into service offerings and how things may need to be repackaged or unique solutions that need to be provided to meet the customer’s need.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask and be vocal in your aspirations so that you can be supported in the goals and visions that you have for your business.
  • When it comes to communicating with clients, it is important to be honest and transparent so that they are aware of how industry changes  (staffing, resources) are impacting their event.
  •  We discuss the demands of the client in a world in which the event industry is ramping up.
  • Jordan shares that sometimes communicating with clients in tough times is about being human, letting them know what you are working through, and what you are doing in the background.
  • Jordan offered a great tip that we should go through and explain the work so that the client can see what you can do, and everything that you’ve done to complete their request.
  • Having weekly status meetings with your client to help keep them in the loop is beneficial so they aren’t in the dark about the progress that is happening on their project.
  • When taking criticism from clients it is important to remove the emotion from the situation so that you can see the facts of the situation.
  • Criticism is often not you but it is because of the person giving the criticism is going through a situation that might need to be unpacked to find the real root of the feedback.
  • Know when it is healthy to remove toxic relationships between planner and client. Realizing this can save lots of time and wasted efforts in the future.
  • Done is better than perfect.

Links and Resources:

A Good Day Website
A Good Day Instagram
Jordan’s Fav Book Suggestion 

Thank you so much for tuning into the podcast. Until next time, stay on purpose!


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