Trimming Traditions that Reveal Event Marketing Insights

by Dec 9, 2023

Gaining event marketing insights can come directly from the experiences that we have in our lives. In this episode, I share how my personal trimming tree family tradition gave me some event marketing insights and can’t wait to share how it can help you with your events as well.

In marketing events, it’s important that we focus on experience. Our attendees should be excited for our events, and have an enjoyable experience, along with an incentive to come back again for a great time. On one hand, we can give our attendees a foundational experience, but why not exceed expectations by embedding

A few of the areas that I cover in this episode that can enhance marketing are having a warm welcome, being consistent, and having a great sendoff. These are very simple but can make a powerful impact. Inspiration can come from anywhere and it doesn’t have to be complex. Simple things that make us think differently and bring creative opportunities for our events.

Thank you so much for listening, until next time, stay on purpose!

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