The Power of Memories with Deanna Nwosu

by Mar 22, 2022

Today’s interview feature is with special guest Deanna Nwosu. Deanna is a leader in the meeting and event industry as well as an event emcee, moderator, and speaker that believes that the power of memories is overlooked. We will talk a bit about the power of memories and how important they are, especially with the events that we plan.


Episode Highlights

  • Don’t allow fear to prevent you from going after what you want.
  • You can’t be your barrier to reaching the things you want to get.
  • There will be plenty of external barriers that get in your way, but don’t let yourself get in your own way of doing the things you want.
  • Be okay with letting business go that isn’t for you.
  • Embrace what’s for you and don’t be stressed about what’s not.
  • The great reshuffling was a once and a lifetime moment to switch up how and in most cases where you work.
  • Gig work and contract work can be seen as an up-and-coming trend in the industry.
  • Diverse income streams are seemingly an aspiring trend too for many post-pandemic.
  • We have to do better with taking care of our physical bodies, our sleep, our eating, and our exercise.
  • You have to protect your boundaries and stand up for yourself. When you do this, you can reduce your stress.
  • Moments and planning events can be so powerful if we just take the time to pay attention.
  • Pay attention to the present moment when planning, and ask yourself a key question: What do we want our attendees to feel or know when they walk away from our event?


Links and Resources:

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Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath
Atomic Habits by James Clear
Banish Burnout Challenge

Thank you so much for tuning into the podcast. Until next time, stay on purpose!


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