The Joys of Getting People Together with Virginia Frischkorn

by Sep 8, 2023

From entrepreneurship to self-care, Virginia Frischkorn shares with us insights, tips, and personal stories that aided in her success as Founder & CEO of Partytrick. Find out key tips to help you support yourself as you grow as an entrepreneur or how to spark joy in the eyes of your attendees at your events. This episode has a little bit of everything for you, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


Episode Highlights

  • Find out why it’s important to have a personal network supporting you. Whether it be your team at work, or your team at home, having support is important.
  • How entrepreneurs should be curious, always push, be engaged, and be intentional about making their businesses better.
  • Learn Virginia’s routine for keeping her network authentic, strong, and engaging.
  • Uncover tips on how to conquer self-promotion and find untapped areas of networking, like LinkedIn.
  • Virginia shared how to embrace transitions and lean into the uncomfortable.
  • Learn three things you can ask yourself if you are getting overwhelmed. They worked for Virginia!
  • Discover how important breathing deeply really is, and learn tips on how to incorporate it into your day.
  • Find out what really made Virginia pivot and change in her career and why she moved forward.
  • Perfectionism is a struggle, and progress is a much better goal. Learn how communication can set the bar so that you can hold others to the same standard.
  • Virginia shares about her company, Partytrick, and how it enables everyone to design, plan, and host their personal or private events by simply making a quick selection online.
  • How diversifying your assets as much as possible is valuable for event professionals to grow passive revenue streams.
  • Virginia discusses her most memorable event and what made it so special to her.
  • How having intention and humor when planning events can spark joy and make events so special.
  • Also, learn about Virginia’s favorite travel destination, which celebs she keeps tabs on, and her favorite books.


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