The Journey to Earning My CMP

by May 17, 2023

In this episode, I discuss my journey from being in overwhelm by many good things happening in my life to earning my CMP designation. If you’re on a journey to advance professionally, this episode not only goes through my journey but identifies key areas of support that you’ll need to make it to your next level.

Episode Highlights

  • When you are on a journey with significant changes in your life, make sure you have important structures set up to help and support you.
  • In my journey, the importance of a good team, along with good tools ultimately got me through a time of overwhelm.
  • The people that you surround yourself with can either support you or hurt you. When you are going through a challenging time, check the people that you are with and ensure they are there to support you.
  • The Certified Meetings Designation is an industry badge of excellence, and if you are a meeting professional, earning this globally recognized designation can set you apart from others.
  •   A great way to set yourself up for success when taking the CMP exam is to join a CMP Study Group. Planners on Purpose has a study group that will support you in this endeavor.


Links and Resources

Thank you so much for listening, until next time stay on purpose!

Looking to take your CMP? Join a study group designed to help you pass the test while networking and engaging with the event professionals on the same journey.


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