The Importance of Sharing Your Event Goals

by Jan 18, 2024

Sharing your events goals can be the difference between you getting success in meeting them. The beginning of the year marks a time when we are all trying to set and start implementation on goals that we have for ourselves. However, not sharing them could inhibit you and in this episode, we will share why.

There are specific advantages to sharing your event goals with others, and in this episode, I unpack 5 key reasons that you should consider it this year.

The goals that event planners carry can be pretty heavy to carry on our own. By sharing your event goals it allows you to share this load with others. It’s understandable that you may not be ready to share it. However, you’ll find that if you keep it to yourself, you also could potentially shoulder most of the work.

I’m a big advocate for sharing your goals and here are my reasons which I unpack in this episode:

  • For accountability
  • For encouragement
  • To get them done
  • For assistance
  • For celebration

I hope you consider sharing your event goals this year, to bring others on this amazing journey with you. Stay focused and diligent and you can see the success that you aspire to have.

Thank you so much for listening, until next time, stay on purpose.


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