The Black Experience: A Different Burnout Battle

by Feb 7, 2024

What about the black experience with burnout? This a segment of burnout that isn’t typically discussed. Very rarely is there a discussion on how diversity impacts the burnout experience, and in this episode, we dig deeper into the black experience with burnout.

Black people have a different outlook and walk than many others when it comes to burnout. Much of the reason why they have more burdensome impacts of burnout is due to the marginalization, along with other systemic challenges in the world.

More specifically, black women experience burnout more than any other group due to these same challenges. Additionally, black women experience things like black maternal mortality, weathering, glass ceilings, and tokenism that all contribute to the continued battle that they face daily.

All of these experiences coupled with the impacts of burdensome workloads and high-pressured workplaces can make burnout all more real for the black professional. Can we really let lived experiences exist outside of the burnout conversation? Is your occupation the sole cause of burnout? Well, the World Health Organization seems to think so. However, after reviewing some of the data, one might want to re-evaluate how the total lived experience can be a major factor of this syndrome.

This episode, uncovers many of these insights and also offers to the reader what they can do to not only support this community but also to elevate the conversations in their department and in their organizations so that we help make changes that impact us all.

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