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by Jun 3, 2014

Hello Friends! I had the opportunity to discuss event marketing with Camila Pecetto, Marketing Manager with evvnt. Event marketing is very important to the success of every event. Developing a marketing plan for your event is key for not only promotion, but communicating your goals, objectives, and other key takeaways. Sit back and read our discussion and let us know your thoughts by submitting comments below.

Can you introduce yourself and evvnt?

My name is Camilla Pecetto and I am originally from Italy, residing in London for six years. I lived and worked in countries such as Italy, France, Spain and Australia, which led me to gain additional work experience facing interchanging environments as well as improving my language skills. I now speak four languages fluently; Italian, English, French and Spanish. With these experiences I came to realize that digital marketing is the driving force to a successful outcome in today’s working environment. Today digital marketing is the key component in increasing company revenue, especially when focusing on start-up companies that require a rapid growth in the first 3 yeas. I graduated from my MA in September 2013 and immediately obtained a job as marketing manager at evvnt, an events marketing agency working with event organizers, business owners and agencies to deliver cost effective marketing reach. evvnt has reinvented the way event organisers around the globe find new customers, processing 10,000 events per month. Through one simple interface, organisers can distribute and publish events to 75+ targeted listing sites in one click. The evvnt platform creates events awareness and momentum in organic search, mobile and social streams via a customized network on listing sites and feeds, maximizing exposure prior to any event.

Why do you think event marketing is important to the success of an event?

Technologies have become a critical part of our daily lives and the Internet now offers a wide variety of services for event organizers, especially services that improve marketing strategies. With the increasing cost and competition of Internet advertising, organisers are looking for a more cost-effective way to spread the word about their event. Event publishers and listing sites become useful in communicating with audiences as 40% of the world population now uses the Internet.

What is your favorite social media outlet for event promotion?

I absolutely love twitter as it has become one of the most used social media networks and it can easily drive traffic to a specific topic or problem. Creating an effective event Hashtag  is maybe the most valuable asset of an online marketing campaign. As an event organizer is a great opportunity to centralize a ‘buzz’ around your event, and engage an audience to let discussions and communities grow, both off- and online. But be warned, poorly executed tweets can fragment a community and dilute a marketing campaign into oblivion. evvnt also distributes an event to social media, such as twitter, tweetmyevents, Pintrest and Facebook.

What is the importance of social ROI?

Event organisers should all be socially aware and responsive to their audience. Customers are now empowered and if their voice is not treated properly event organisers’ might fail to build real relationships, but if it is, it can deliver great ROI. Social ROI can be measured in many ways, through event profile, tweets and hashtags relative to the event, customer behaviors, conversations and preferences.

Where do you see the future of social media as it continues to merge with events?

Social media will continue to merge with events, for a variety of different reason listed below.

Customers Perspective

–       There are no rules on social media, anyone can participate on a conversation

–       Customers can share photos, videos and comments

–       Customers can network during the event and build business relationships

Organisers Perspective

–       Organisers can get feedback from customers comments and conversations

–       Customers are advertising the event through their social media and create the “buzz” around their event

Describe how it is to work at evvnt.
evvnt is the coolest place to work at. Firstly and most importantly, I work everyday with a team of savvy, talented and smart people, who are extremely entertaining and fun! I believe that the work environment is one of the most significant factor to inspire people to become creative and develop new ideas. At the end of the day you spend more than half of your day working, so if it’s not fun why should you go to work?? Secondly, I love the event space and startups!

If you could give one quick tip to your audience on how promoting their events through the use of online tools, what would it be?
Definitely evvnt!

Of course! Thanks Camilla, for taking the time to chat with Plan It On A Post It!


Photo attribution: mkhmarketing via flickr


  1. Dario

    Well done Camilla!

  2. Jennifer Sargent

    Hi, I really appreciate the above thoughts of event marketing.They are really useful for arranging any event in any place.But for information i can say that if you want to arrange a proper event in your locality or officially then choose a proper event planner who can help you out by guiding you you how to arrange it and what public you have to target for the event,so that it will give a positive result to your thought of event.

    • admin

      Glad you liked this post. Thank you so much for your insights!



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