Taking Imperfect Action

by Nov 8, 2023

Many times we get “stuck” in taking the action that we need to take in our businesses and in our lives. This podcast episode explores the opportunity to take imperfect action and how this type of action can move us past our frustrations, overwhelm, and self-doubt to create the flow that we need to move things forward.

What makes us stop taking action on our goals or our tasks? There are so many things like procrastination, fear, overwhelm, and even perfectionism. This episode discusses perfectionism and although we want to create an amazing experience for our clients, doing it from a perspective of perfectionism can do you a disservice.

How we shift into action after we are stalled makes all the difference. Naomi discusses some tips on how to make subtle shifts that will allow you to take imperfect action. Release your frustration and overwhelm and stop being a clog in the wheel in your business or at your company.


Links and Resources

Mel Robbins, 5 Second Rule Book
Seth Godin Ship It   

Thank you so much for listening, until next time, stay on purpose!


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