Take the Stress Out of Your Goal Setting

by Mar 19, 2024

Goal setting can be stressful. This episode aims to take the stress out of the goal setting that you have to make. As we move into the second quarter of the year, it’s important that we look at how we develop our goals without causing ourselves much stress, here are some tips that are mentioned in the episode:

  • Set your goals and direction
  • Get moving
  • Put in place your habits
  • Stay about the line
  • Review often
  • Reward yourself

Many times we fail to start because of fear or because we lack direction. This episode will help you understand how important it is for you to develop a direction and start to get moving so that your goal can be obtained.

You’ll also learn some insights on practicing great habits, and why habits are important. Also, your mindset and how you think about your success is very important. When you think debilitating thoughts then you limit yourself and by limiting yourself you can miss the mark in getting to your goal. So it’s all about staying above the line, being positive and uplifting to yourself and your team about your goal.

Finally making sure that you review your goals often and reward yourself when you complete your goals are pretty important. And we also talk about tracking your goal too and how that can be increasingly helpful as you look to finish your goals.

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