Surviving Event Planner Burnout

by Nov 14, 2023

To prevent and survive burnout, you first have to understand how burnout affects you. This episode shares what burnout is, and discusses the elements of burnout and how it impacts you and your work. Additionally, it unlocks the secret to managing burnout.

Burnout has two main areas, stress and stressors. And as event planners, we need to understand how to allow our stress to go through its natural cycle, and then effectively deal with the stressors.

As event professionals, our mental health matters too, and it’s important to protect and prevent our mental health before stress, exhaustion, and depletion have their way. In listening to this episode, you’ll also take away some tips on how to better manage stressors as they arise no matter where they strike in the planning process.

Thank you so much for listening, please stay on purpose!


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