Summer is Good for the Soul

by Jul 29, 2014

Summer is one of my favorite seasons to plan events. For corporate planners summer is the time were business is slightly slower, yet teams get very creative on how they engage with each other. For wedding planners, it is a little busier yet there is much more to do with the happy couples special day. Overall summer represents a season that just makes you feel good.

Something about the sunshine just calls you to go out in it. Perhaps it’s just that I don’t get that much sunshine up in Wisconsin, but when we do get our chance, we don’t miss it! Perhaps our clients don’t want to miss it either. It’s always humbling to be able to provide them with the element of nature if we can. Outdoor events are very popular in the summer, and it is great to be able to find unique locations where our clients can enjoy all that summer sizzle.

There is something about the outdoors that scream for you to just do something. Do what? Well, anything. Walk, run, play a game, and have some fun. In some parts of the country, planning outdoor team building in January, just isn’t fun at all. However six months later, a wealth of opportunities open up. Many meeting owners attempt to risk doing an outdoor team building, perhaps a hike or a climb. The fun part it being able to offer the fun suggestions that play to all that is summer.

When you are outside hanging and enjoying the sun, sometimes the sound and smells of the grill really get your juices flowing. Summer also brings a great wealth of grilled delicacies. Something about the grill just makes veggies taste great. Events incorporating live grilling or grilled foods complete the ambiance to a wonderful experience. And I can’t talk about grills unless I also talk about cocktails! Fun, spirited summer cocktails can just make you happy when you have one in your hand.

Summer is just a great season, filled with warm reasons to enjoy it. When you are planning your events this summer, sit back and just take in
in the opportunity to plan, you’ll be glad that you did.

What are some of your favorite summer time trends in event planning? Would love to hear them!

Photo credit: Teambuilding via Flickr


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