Staying Focused on Your Goals While Planning Events

by Apr 25, 2022

Making goals can be easy, where the hard part comes is staying focused on them enough to complete them. So how do you focus on your goals and what is important to consider as you work towards accomplishing what you are looking to do? Well here are 5 tips that can show you how to stay focused on your goals.


Use your calendar

Your calendar is such a powerful tool when it comes to staying focused on your goals. Within your calendar, how you spend your time is documented. It is important to structure your days that puts your goals first. Whether it is working on your goals the first hour of your day, or if it is making sure that the work on your goals is done at the time where you are most productive, scheduling it is key to your success.


Get an accountability partner

When you rely on yourself, you can be easily disappointed. All it takes is one experience with not meeting your goals, and you’ll throw them all out with the bathwater. But having an accountability partner, someone that you meet with regularly in order to update each other on your progress can be fun and helpful to making sure that you meet your goals. If you are looking for support with your goals, consider joining the Planners on Purpose Community on Facebook.


Track your habits

It can take about 2 weeks to create a habit. What can be helpful is to practice logging your habit in a habit tracker to ensure you complete it, and to share some insights into what is happening that is preventing you from meeting it. Habit trackers are simple tools to help you. For ease of use you can place them in your planner or use a digital tracker to support your needs.


Conduct a distraction audit

Many times focusing on your goals means eliminating what is preventing you from focusing on those goals. So monitoring your days for common distractions can be helpful. Simply write down what distracted you over a given couple of days, then make a plan to eliminate those distractions. After the distractions are eliminated, you’ll find that you have a more easier route to focus on your goals.


Consider a business coach

One of the quickest ways to knock your goals out and purely focus is through collaboration with a business coach. Your business coach can help you create your goals, and through regular accountability meet-ups and support, will help you stay on track. It’s more than just meetings though, your coach helps to provide motivation, and additional live support, and also is very resourceful to help fast track location of resources for you to meet your goals sooner.


If you would like to consider a business coach, contact me, I’m happy to help.


There are several things you an do to help you stay focused on your goals. If you just pick one item of this list and get started and do the work, you’ll find that you will gain much more traction as you move forward. I can’t wait to hear all of the success you’ll have in meeting your goals. Don’t forget to let me know how well you’ve done!

P.S. Want to learn more about staying focused on your goals? Check out this podcast episode


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