How to Spring Clean Your Planning Strategy

by Apr 11, 2017

There comes a time when every event planner looks up and realizes that they need to seriously look at their planning strategy. It happens to all of us. The unsettling stench of stagnant normalcy comes creeping into your event planning process. It’s enough to make anyone cringe and figure out how to get rid of the unsettling aroma. Planners need to look up once and a while, take a look around, and spring clean their planning strategy. Not sure where to start? Here some quick tips on how to spring clean your planning strategy and get refreshed and ready for the new season.

Check Your Growth

Some areas of your planning strategy are like new flower bulbs coming up in the spring. It works! These new bulbs are significant of the items that really work well in your planning strategy. You’ve planted the seed, and it grew, and it looks beautiful. Take a note of the areas that are working well, and don’t forget to look in the most obvious places. Positive feedback of all kinds should be a consideration for you of things that work well. Also, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Look into your planning strategy and if things are truly working well, you might want to consider to keep a good thing.

Weeding em’ Out

On the other hand, it can be very evident when things do not go as you had planned them. If this happens, you have to weed out the items that don’t work. Consider constructive feedback that you receive very carefully and assess where things went wrong, and how you can make it better. At times,  there are situations where you have no business trying “that” again. If that is you, then take heed and listen to your gut and walk away.

Spring Cleaning

I haven’t met anyone yet that doesn’t like a clean house. What we usually don’t like is to be the one doing all of the cleaning – right? Don’t be afraid or idle to take items out of your planning strategy that are not working. Perhaps they might work in another lifetime, but if it isn’t working for your specific event at the moment, get rid of it. Another area that planners generally overlook is staff. Try to follow the same process and make a plan to either improve the event, train the staff, or if all else fails, replace the staff member. Again, take out what isn’t working, and bring in something that will.

Have Fun with It

When the first traces of spring hits in my Wisconsin neighborhood, people like to sprint outdoors and take advantage of every single moment of the sunshine and great whether. When you are spring cleaning your planning strategy for your events, you have to do the same thing. After you have make the proper preparations to evaluate and alter your planning strategy, the embellishments are always the fun part! Try to add in some new spring colors to the palette of your event, or experiment with some new florals.  Try to bring in your theme in non-traditional ways. Enjoy the opportunity to create a new and fresh experience for you or your customers.

Show Off a Little

Let your customers in on your little secret. Introduce your changes to them in a fun and inviting way. Customers and your personal fans loves to see what you are doing new. You never know how your changes might affect your business unless you share. If a customer gave you specific feedback whether constructive or in admiration, make you to let those in particular know the change you made to specifically address their comments. If you are feeling very good about your changes, broadcasting them will help spread the word and gain trust.

It feels good to make some updates, brush off the cobwebs. What have you done to spring clean your planning strategy? It’s your turn to share 🙂


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