Social Event Trends to Watch with Gor Gyulkhasyan of Permeet

by Dec 12, 2023

Gor Gyulkhasyan joins the Planners on Purpose podcast to discuss social event trends insights from Permeet. Permeet is a digital planning tool that can be used when planning social events like birthdays, anniversaries, and even weddings.


Key Takeaways

Social event trends can be here today, and gone tomorrow, however, Gor highlights key trends that he’s currently seeing when it comes to those planning and using the Permeet App to include:

  • Personalized and unique experiences are still leading as a trend, everyone wants to find out how to infuse personality into their events.
  • Sustainability is making a comeback, and with social events, many like to see how they can incorporate sustainable gifts.
  • Digitalization is on the rise. No longer are planners using paper binders. There is an embracing of the use of digital tools, like Permeet for notetaking, planning, and sending invitations.
  • The impression of having an event in-person is back, and there is a focus on having heartfelt meaningful connections.
  •  Many planners are stepping away from the luxurious and extravagant events to have a unique experience.
  • Hybrid celebrations are becoming more of a unique option that people are using to connect with their guests in different ways.

Gor and I had a discussion regarding AI, and how the use of different solutions are rarely being implemented especially with personal events.

When asked about the struggles that people have when planning personal events, Gor had many, but mainly,  people struggle with managing expectations. Aligning expectations so that there can be a universal enjoyable experience.

Gor says there is a fine line between tailoring individual preferences yet still ensuring that the event has a broad appeal for all the guests is a continuous struggle in personal events.

Another challenge that Gor commented on was regarding the event budget. He mentioned that ensuring a memorable experience while adhering to the budget and making choices that optimize cost and quality can be a continuous challenge.


About Permeet

Finally, Gor gave us some insight into the Permeet app and how it is a holistic tool to plan smaller personal events. This tool can give the planners some ease when it comes to “life plans” making things just a bit easier on the personal front. From the planning of the event, and note-taking, to communicating with vendors, and even sending event invitations, Permeet seems to have it all in one place for small personal event planners.


Links and Resources

Permeet WebsiteLinkedinInstagram
Special Promo Code – POP30 for 30 day trial subscription

Thank you so much for listening, please stay on purpose!


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