Share Your Passion Using Mentorships with Lynne Reznick

by Apr 8, 2023

As a successful wedding photographer, Lynne Reznick captures each couple’s unique love story through her images. Lynne’s start in the photography space began with mentorships, so in this episode, she will share her passion for mentorships with us.


Episode Highlights

  • As a mentee don’t put pressure on yourself to know everything immediately. Give yourself space to learn and grow under someone’s guidance.
  • Mentorship programs are made up of long-term relationships that a person builds with someone in the industry. It’s about building a relationship over time between mentor and mentee.
  • Mentorships offer an excellent way to train, guide, and encourage anyone that is looking to be successful in the events industry.
  • Mentors need to show passion for what they are mentoring and have a passion for being a teacher in leading and nurturing the mentee over a long period of time.
  • It’s important to serve the new generation of event pros in this industry. Mentorships are an integral piece that can help support.
  • To get started in a mentorship, it is important to put a structure in place, learn how much time you can commit to it, and what the advising will be like – then put it out on social media.


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