S2E9 – Leading Your Event Team In The Face of the COVID-19

by Mar 13, 2020

With all that’s going on in our global community right now, here are some helpful tips to leading your event team in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.


Leadership Tips

  • Try to keep a perspective on how you can protect your meetings and future meetings during this crisis
  • Very important to ensure that you are communicating with your team and with your clients in advance, keep them posted on all updates to any governmental guidance.
  • Ensure that you provide adequate health prevention measures (ie. communication, cleanliness, etc)
  • Consider having staffed medical teams onsite
  • Keep continuous tracking on the implications of the virus and how it impacts your event.
  • Make a long-term plan for your teams.
  • Be prepared to always switch up your plans.
  • If you find yourself with time on your hands, use your time wisely. Dig deep and really enjoy your experience, get caught up on personal time, time with your family, and make the time off count.
  • This is effecting so many people right now, and will have after effects. So make sure that you stay on top of your plans.
  • Additionally consider doing the following according to the CDC and WHO guidelines at the time of this recording:
    • Wash your hands
    • Use hand sanitizer
    • Use masks only if you are sick
    • Do not go to meetings or large gatherings of people if you are sick


Links and Resources

Centers for Disease Control
World Health Organization
Meetings Mean Business
In-House Physicians 
Meeting News 



I Appreciate You Listening!

This pandemic has hit those in the event community very hard. We encorage you to share your stories below on how you are being impacted, and what learnings you have gained as you walk through this crisis. How are you leading your event team in this crisis?


P.S. In times like this you need a little self-care, check out some tips in this post to help you take care of yourself!


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