S2E6 – The Importance of Different Perspectives

by Feb 11, 2020

It is not our differences that divide us but our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences. Join me as we discuss the importance of different perspectives.


Leadership Tips

  • “It’s not our differences that divide us. It’s our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”
  • We have to be open minded to be able to see a situation from another team member’s perspective.
  • And in order to  truly understand situations has a lot to do with you understanding and recognizing your team member’s experiences and who they are today as a result of that sum of experiences.
  • You listen and when you truly are present, and have an open mind, and listen you can truly acknowledge and recognize their stories.
  • When you recognize the story of another perspective can open up relationships in your life.
  • Celebrating the differences that each other has, can only come through true understanding and acception.
  • Be careful of being a leader that sets yourself up as the only authority. If you are then, you might want to do a reality check on yourself. Change your perspective, and listen to your team.
  • Even in situations where there is a clear violation, a clear wrong, it is imortant to understand perspectives. It could uncover areas of opportunity in which you need to closely monitor the next time or set some clearer boundaries.
  • The secret sauce to leadership is really learning to recognize and not wrestle, accept and not push back, and celebrate and not condemn.


Links and Resources

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Thank You for Listening!

I hope this helped give you some insight on the importance of difference perspectives. I encourage you the next time you are working with a client, or a team member, to be open and listen and have that form your response to them.


P.S. It is so important to build a wonderful team, one that you will and can trust each other with your stories. To find out more on how to build a great team, check out this post. Cheers!


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