S2E5 – 11 Tips to Managing Difficult Conversations as a Leader

by Feb 4, 2020

As a leader, managing difficult conversations with a team member can be uncomfortable. You don’t want to sweep an important conversation under the rug because you aren’t confident to approach it. Step into the mess with your team member and have the discussions that matter, and use these easy tips.

Leadership Tips on Managing Difficult Conversations

  • Step into the mess. Step toward the conflict and have a prepared conversation.
  • Consider your team members position, and look at the situation from their point of view.
  • Always, always assume good intent. Many times your team member really was acting out of a good heart.
  • Identify the value of the disussion.
  • Prepare for the converation and stick to the script.
  • Show that you care, be empathic with your team members.
  • Don’t take it personal. Many times in difficult conversations team members say things that they might later regret, again, don’t take it personal.
  • Reinforce the understanding of the outcomes and the consequences of the discussion with your team member.
  • Be open to new ideas and feedback, but confident in your decision in the matter.
  • Prepare and practice. Never go into a difficult conversation without preparing.
  • Follow-up with your team member on the items that were discussed, and with any future takeaways or actions.

Thank you for Listening

I re-learned so much with this podcast, I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me, have you ever had a successful difficult conversation with a team member? How did it go, and what made it a success? Would love to hear about it in the comments.

P.S. I was thinking…many times being a leader is all about intentional leadership. With that said, I think this post would be helpful if you want to be more intentional as a leader. Cheers!



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