S2E4 – 5 Key Boundaries to Put in Place for Your Team

by Jan 29, 2020

As a leader, your team needs boundaries around how to operate together. By placing direction and parameters on your team, success will be heading your way. In this episode you will hear about 5 key boundaries to put in place for your team.


5 Key Boundaries

  • Matching your goals and objectives with real results from your team.
  • Have a boundary around the extremes in which you behave or express emotions.
  • Trust is the starting point to ensure that your plan actually works. Make sure you have trust with and within your team.
  • A team without accountability is a team that will not get things done.
  • Share in the success of others – everyone is working towards the same high-level goal. Everyone’s win is a win for the team.


Thank you for listening

Appreciate you as always for listening to this podcast. Remember as leaders we create what we allow, so to give order to your chaos, put in boundaries for your team. If you found this valuable, I would appreciate a favorable rating in your listening platform!


P.S. To hear more on boundaries, check out Dr. Henry Cloud and his work, and also, check out my post here for even more tips. Cheers!


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