S2E30 – Connecting Through the Power of Music with Wakes

by Dec 25, 2020

What does the power of music mean to you? In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Ada Ketchie and Nathan Getzin about the power of music. Ada and Nathan are alchemists of the human heart, helping people cultivate greater mindfulness, healing, and self-actualization through the ineffable power of music.

As co-founders of Wakes they use their expertise as musicians, storytellers, yoga teachers, healers, and coaches to create experiences that offer radical transformation of mind, body and spirit. Their mission is to help people heal what hurts, grow thriving relationships, and awaken to true and lasting presence, purpose, and resilience. They do this by creating immersive sound healing experiences, meditations, intimate concerts, retreats, individual and group coaching, and providing online resources and support.


Episode Highlights

  • Listening to music, gives us the opportunity to experience repressed emotions and to heal through those experiences.
  • Connection to who we are is important and music allows us to connect while being authentic.
  • Shift your mindfulness state, and allow music can help you attune to yourself.
  • Use you use music to illuminate so much of what is going on inside of us and help us release it.
  • An interesting fact is that it takes 9 minutes to make us feel happier, and 13 minutes to help us release sadness with music.
  • With intention, we can completely shift our emotional states through music.
  • Inspiration and insight can be delivered through the power of music.
  • If budget allows, live music is always a really great way to connect attendees to a common experience.
  • Vulnerability and empathy all can be opened with you and your attendees through music.
  • Using music to fill our cups can help unpick the knots of entanglement that we feel in this time.
  • Music is a practice of presence. Try connecting yourself through the power of music this holiday.


Links and Resources

Wakes Website

Wakes Facebook

Wakes Instagram

Wakes YouTube


Thank you for listening!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and make sure you put music in your self-care routine. For more information on how you can give yourself a self-care cocktail check out this post.


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