S2E3 – Setting Yourself up for Success This Year

by Jan 20, 2020

Are you finding success in your goals so far? This episode will give you the motivation and several resources that you need to set yourself up for succeeding your goals.


Tips for Success

  • Know the resources that you have right around you.
  • Leverage your technology. Many times we only know the basics of our technology, but I challenge you to find out moe, so you can gain leverage.
  • Get an accountability partner to help keep you on task with your goals for the year.
  • Check-in on your goals often, and celebrate often.


Links and Resources

7 Habits of Highly Successful People
Stephen Covey Grid
Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt
Rework Your Worklife Worksheet
Asana (project management)
Microsoft Planner (project management)
Slack (not mentioned, but very great tool for team communication and project management)
Evernote (note organization)
OneNote (note and workbook organization)


Thanks for Listening!

How are you doing with your goals for the year? Are you tracking to be successful? I would love to hear about your progress and how these tips worked for you.


P.S. Maybe you are thinking, why have goals anyway? Well, I talk about exactly that in this post. Check it out.


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