S2E29 – Plan Events Digitally with ORO, a chat with Katherine Frost

by Dec 22, 2020

Katherine Frost is the Founder of ORO, a new all-in-one digital planning solution that is designed to help event planners plan their events digitally. The tool helps planners plan effortlessly with less stress and more productivity. In this interview, Katherine and I explore how she started her career, the journey of entrepreneurship and get a sneak peak of her new tool ORO.

Event Planning can already be a challening tasks with how much a planner has to organize to keep details straight. So having a solution avaialble so that a planner can plan digitally can be helpful. In this episode, Katherine also shared a personal tour of the ORO tool. To check out that video, go to the Planners on Purpose YouTube Channel.


Episode Highlights

  • Oro was created to help event planners relieve the stress with the communication that goes back and forth between the planner and the client.
  • The main highlights of the tool are the program of events, the timeline, and space planning which accommodates for social distancing.
  • Planning digitally can help with organization and also with sustainability.
  • There is also a concierge service for this product if you need some additional support.
  • If you are an entrepreneur the best advice is to go all in!
  • A team approach for planning encourages the team to dream big, exert their own opinions and thoughts.


Links and Resources

Make Your Bed – Admiral William McRaven

Oro Planner Website

Planners on Purpose – Book Club


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P.S. Looking for some other ways to go paperless? Check out this post for some options. It’s an oldie, but a goodie.


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