S2E28 – Creating Timeless Moments with Ashley Jackson-Thompson

by Dec 15, 2020

This episode features Ashley Jackson Thompson, the Owner of Timeless Dreams Events in which her mission is to provide the terminally-ill with timeless moments that celebrates life and love. Her company plans various events at minimal notice due to each unique and sensitive situation. Ashley has been able to turn her own personal pain into purpose, and a blessing to others.


Episode Highlights

It was wonderful to speak with Ashley and about her purpose of creating timeless moments for her customers. When Ashley’s fiance finds out that he has a rare form of cancer, she had to drop everything to care for him. Between that incident and the death of her father, Ashley knows all too well that creating timeless moments is very important for the cared for, and the caregiver.


Links Mentioned

The Alchemist – Paul Coehlo

Timeless Dream Events Website

Timeless Dream Events Facebook and Instagram

Planners on Purpose Book Club


Thank you for listening!

Appreciate you listening to this podcast. Have you ever planned an event for those that are going through major life situations? Would love to hear how you support your clients in creating timeless moments.

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