S2E27 – Survive and Thrive with Tracy Fuller

by Dec 8, 2020

My guest Tracy Fuller has learned how to thrive as an entrepreneur after starting her first company, Happy Occasions, 32 years ago in response to a personal tragedy.

Nearly three decades later, she leads the team at InnovativEvents, providing event décor, backstage management, and overall coordination and management of all production aspects. She has produced dozens of corporate events – sometimes for an intimate group of corporate board members, other times for crowds as large as 3,000.


Episode Highlights

  • How it is important to make a decision to thrive and not just survive in times of hardship.
  • Find what you love, and work with passion towards it.
  • How Tracy is helping young event professionals by equipping them with turnkey themed events.
  • How a fashion show made of all Bubble Wrap fashions is all the rave.
  • Challenges of keeping her business alive during the pandemic.
  • Tracy encourages planners to rest now so that they have the energy in spring and summer of 2021.
  • Thoughts on trends to come as we start to plan on meeting face-to-face again.
  • Food for thought for planners: Wherever you are, stay calm, so that you can solve problems with a clear head.
  • Words of advice: Always bring a second pair of shoes.
  • Tracy’s final parting words: Take a breath, and live your joy.


Links and Resources

The Bubble Ball Affair


Thank you so much for listening. How are you thriving in this pandemic? I would love to hear more about it below in the comments. 

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P.S.  If you would like to hear more tips on how to lead your teams through hardship, check out this podcast.


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  1. Tracy Fuller

    Thanks Naomi for having me on the podcast!
    I had a blast talking about the industry that we love. Every time I get the chance to speak about this industry, it charges my batteries for the next event. You are certainly keeping the spark alive in these somewhat dismal times. Thanks for all the great interviews on your podcast!

    • Naomi

      It was soo fun! I loved learning more about you and your business!


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