S2E23 – Parenting on Purpose with Gillian Behnke

by Nov 10, 2020

Today we welcome Gillian Behnke, creator of Mom Camp Life to the podcast. She and I have a wonderful conversation about parenting, being a mom, and having the juggle all of the things. As a busy mom of two, Gillian cares deeply about helping other moms feel better both mentally and physically. She believes that motherhood does not equal with exhaustion, and that is possible to thrive mentally, emotionally, physically and professionally.


Episode Highlights

  • High performing moms and parents hate to say no. However it is best to be comfortable with saving no and understand what to say yes to and what you cannot.
  • If you want something done, you as an event planner end up knowing how to figure it out. However, If it is something that you absolutely don’t have to do, you absolutely can say no.
  • Resilience comes from taking care of your own health, both physical and mental. If you are more resilient you’ll have more strength for the tough moments that do come up.
  • Sometimes you just take the next best step in order to keep moving forward.
  • If you are overwhelmed, don’t fear or panic.
  • Do as much as you can, when you can.
  • As a leader, Gillian shares that she encourages everyone to be authentic leader.
  • Gillian encourages event planners to make recommendations on a solution, versus questioning the problem. Practicing the muscle of problem solving really develops you in a more useful way as leader.
  • Quote of the day: If it isn’t a hell yes, then it is a hell no.
  • Gillian’s words of advice to event planners: Be kind to yourself. Prioritize your health. Especially now where we are seeing all these changes, your mental and physical health are number one.


Links and Resources

Mom Camp Life
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Stress Less At Your Best Course
The Big Leap, Gary Hendricks (Gillian’s Favorite Book)


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