S2E22 – Fitness Chat with Jillian Lama

by Nov 2, 2020


In this episode of the Planners on Purpose podcast, I speak with Jillian Lama certified life and fitness coach, and the creator of The Body You Crave Method. Jillian was able to bring forth some tangible tips on how event planners can manage their physical, and mental health.


Episode Highlights

  • Give yourself compassion and grace and recognize that your brain can create unhealthy habits, but you have the power to change them.
  • When overwhelmed, try Jillian’s Think, Feel, Act method 1) Think about the situation 2) Assess what your feelings are 3) Act appropriately.
  • There are many things that we can’t control, but we can only think about the things that we can control
  • To combat stress, you should recognize where the stress is really coming from in your life.
  • It not about things needing to be perfect, but how can I setup my exception on something is always going to go wrong and be ready to adapt when things go wrong.
  • Our thoughts are ultimately the silent killer of our health and fitness. Get your thoughts right, to get your health right.
  • People make mistakes, it’s all about how we can work through them and troubleshoot them when they come up is what matters.
  • To manage overwhelm, come into the awareness that change is inevitable.
  • To build healthy habits around fitness and mindset, make small steps to get the best success.
  • Recognize what works best for your body and ensure to put yourself first by making sure your cup is filled first.
  • When burnout happens, it’s okay and perhaps time to take a step backward and refill your cup.
  • Start looking for all of the ways that you are shaming yourself and shift into neutral or something positive
  • You are going to serve others the best when you feel that you are at your best.


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