S2E20 – Talking Virtual Events with Kera Wasserbach

by Sep 8, 2020


In this episode I speak with Kera Wasserbach on virtual events. Kera is the co-founder of On The Edge Events and Virtual Events Experts and has a wealth of knowledge with managing and engaging with audiences virtually.


Episode Highlights

  • Virtual events needs to be an experience just as the live events is an experience.
  • Embrace the live virtual experience and the need to really engage with your audience.
  • Virtual events have a larger audience than in-person events, so having a strategy around how you manage this wider audience is key.
  • Having a breakout component within your virtual event, is so crucial for engagement.
  • Try adding games, prizes, or virtual swag to increase engagement.
  • Having a virtual event producer is key in ensuring that a virtual event runs smoothly.
  • Use the technologies that your clients are approved to use and operate it to your advantage.
  • Learn the opportunities that are out there, even if you are feeling stuck right now.
  • The way to get unstuck is to embrace what’s moving forward.
  • Make sure you are in the game.


Links and Resources

On The Edge Events
Virtual Events Experts
Zoom Meetings


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