S2E19 – The Importance of Journaling with Mai Oliphant

by Sep 1, 2020

In this episode of the podcast, I was able to sit down and have a talk with journaling expert, Mai Oliphant from Shape Mai Life. Mai helps people to use journaling to heal and flourish. We live in uncertain times, and aren’t sure of how the end of the year will turn out, much less how 2021 will run. Many event planners have lost jobs, or are working feverishly to protect theirs. Journaling and the unique way that Mai delivers her story can give us a tool to get through some of these tough times.


Episode highlights

  • Sometimes we wait until when everything is bottled up to journal, but being consistent and making it a habit, makes it more effective.
  • You do not need to be a writer in order to journal.
  • Journaling is your conversation with yourself, and has nothing to do with your writing skills. It has everything to do with you being open and honest with yourself.
  • Journaling can be done anywhere, take a quick note on your phone if you need to.
  • Journal prompts can help prompt your thoughts and is an easy way to start journaling.
  • Make this habit attractive by having a nice journal to write in.
  • Schedule your journaling around something that you already have a habit of doing to ensure you can start.
  • Journal what you will say “yes” or “no” to in order to confirm clear boundaries.
  • Idea: Make an intention list on what you will or won’t accept when dealing with situations or clients.
  • It isn’t too late to start journaling. Start wherever you’re at.


Links & Resources


Shape Mai Life
Mai’s Prompts
Mai’s September Workshop
Atomic Habits, James Clear
Planners on Purpose Book Club


Thank you for Listening!

Appreciate all of you that joined by listening to this episode. After listening to this podcast, will you take a try at journaling? Perhaps you already journal and would like to share a few insights that you’ve had. Let’s continue the conversation below. 

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