S2E11 – Coping During Crisis

by Apr 7, 2020

Giving you some random thoughts on coping during this crisis. As event professionals, the pandemic and other global events have really taken a toll on us mentally, physically, and financially. Please share your story here so that we could be able to learn from you and share with others.


Well-Being Tips for Coping

  • Everyone deals with crisis in their own special way. If you need a break, take a break. The way a person copes, can be different depending on who you are.
  • Don’t underestimate the mental well-being of your employees during this time.
  • You always have a choice, remember the options that you have to enhance your well-being.
  • Even the strongest leaders needs to take some time away for themselves.
  • Take a look at your schedule, perhaps you need to adjust your meetings to meet your situation. (ie. essential meetings only)
  • Be aware of the fear that is placed on social media, and news outlets. Stay calm, stick to the facts, and move forward steadily.
  • Adjust your social media notifications and settings to help you with what you are consuming.
  • If it doesn’t encourage you and inspire you to act in positive ways for change, then perhaps it isn’t needed.


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Thank you for Listening!

It’s my hope that this episode gave you some nuggets of truth to think about. How do you currently coping with crisis? Is it working for you? Jump into the comments below and keep the conversation going.


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