S2E10 – Staying Rooted While in a Crisis

by Mar 25, 2020

There isn’t a more important time than now to ensure that you are staying rooted while in a crisis. This podcast episode you will gain some healthy tips to stay rooted and how to move forward.



Episode Tips

  • In times of uncertainty, you can feel as you don’t know what is next, so staying rooted is important to moving forward.
  • Take appropriate preautions to ensure your protection, safety, and mental well being are key.
  • Stay off of social media, and look to different forms of entertainment that uplift and delight you in a good way.
  • Give to others during this time, if you are able to do so. Look at your community and those around you for inspiration.
  • We are a global community, check with your event planning friends, and ensure we are supporting one another.
  • Be centered on your purpose, be focused on it, and move forward.
  • Times of crisis can also be a time for unique opportunities. Keep your eyes open for them!
  • Maybe this is the fork in the road that you needed? If so, use it to help you turn the corner in your life you have always wanted to.
  • Always, always, always, keep it positive!



Links and Resources

Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization
Covid-19 Federal Package Aid for the LIve Events Industry Petition



Thank you for Listening!

This is a pretty challening time for event professionsals and although there is an importance to staying rooted, it isn’t easy. My hope is that these tips give you some breadcrumbs for you to find your way as we navigate this unique situation together.


P. S. If you missed my last post on How to Lead Your Team During Covid-19, check it out here!


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