S1E7 – Bringing Your Children Into the Workplace

by Nov 29, 2019

It is important to bring our children into our workplace to see what we do. Join me as I speak with my daughter Samara about bringing your children into the workplace and learn what is important to them about your work. This could be apart of a larger conversation around work-life balance. Making sure that your children know what you do, and can actively express your professions to others encourages not only you but them.

Key Insights

  • Your children see your world from their own perspective. Always seek to understand what they think about your work.
  • Children can understand the stress that you may be absorbing from your job.
  • Your travels are inspiring for little ones. Take them on your adventures whether if you can in person, or virtually.
  • Your children love to hear from you when you are onsite, take the time to give them some of your energy if you can.
  • Share your event planning stories with your children, get them in your world! 

Thanks for Listening!

Again, we appreciate you joining us for this podcast. Would love to hear more from you. Tell us how you help make your children aware of what you do in your work? How do you engage with them when you are onsite working? How do they feel about your work? Please share more in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

P.S. I know your family is awesome, but sometimes we need to find ways to create boundaries with them in our work. If that is you, check out this post


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