S1E6 – Seven Steps to Defining Goals and Objectives for Your Event

by Oct 8, 2019

In this episode we will discuss seven steps to defining goals and objectives for your event. This is such an important step before you start planning your event or project. Check the links and resources section below to grab your free worksheet that compliments this podcast.


7 Steps to Defining Your Goals and Objectives

  • Determine your vision.
  • Set your key goals that you woudl like to accomplish for your event or project.
  • Align your objectives for each of your key goals.
  • Anticipate all of your obstacles. You will have some, so make sure to write down what could stand in your way from completing the goal.
  • Find solutions for your obstacles. It is key to anticipate also the solutions and how you will get through any obstacles.
  • Create a timeline of your goals and objectives.
  • Report and Celebrate! It is always fun to celebrate along the way. Meeting any goal no matter how small is a WIN!


Links and Resources

Your Free Copy of My Goals and Objectives Worksheet


Thank you for Listening!

In order to accomplish a big vision, you will have to navigate big risks. Check out this blog post to learn more. Would love to to hear from you on as a leader how you accomplish what you set out to do with your events.


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