Putting the AI Edge in Your Planning

by Jan 30, 2024

With all of the AI tools popping up on the scene, it should encourage professionals to action to learn and utilize these tools to make the job of planning an event easier than it was before.

We are living in some exhilarating times where we can essentially work virtually, use artificial intelligence to help us brainstorm content for our attendee emails, and help us with a site search for an event.

This episode will open you up to just the simplest application of adding these useful technologies to your work. It’s important for event planners to explore and see what options are available to them. If these tools are applied and can make our jobs easier, then we are able to utilize our time to really finesse the skills in which AI isn’t useful.

The inspiration for this episode came from a really great article that I had some help in contributing to. To learn more about artificial intelligence, and grab some recommended AI tools, please visit the article by Wisconsin Meetings below.

Links and Resources
Wisconsin Meetings Article – AI Tools for Event Planning

Thank you so much for listening, please stay on purpose!

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