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Event Planner Burnout Is Not Inevitable

Event Planner Burnout Is Not Inevitable

Is burnout inevitable? Many event industry professionals think that it is. With so much pressure in the industry, combined with unreasonable expectations, lack of boundaries, and high volumes, burnout is a very common result. Burnout shouldn't be targeted as...

5 Reasons Why Getting Your CMP Is Important to Your Career

5 Reasons Why Getting Your CMP Is Important to Your Career

  If you're an event professional that's looking to level up your career, then getting your CMP is important and will help give you the boost that you need. The CMP is also known as the Certified Meeting Professional Designation, and is a designation that is given by...

Takeaways from CMP Advance 2024

Takeaways from CMP Advance 2024

In this episode, let's dive into the highlights from CMP Advance 2024, the go-to conference for Certified Meeting Professionals (CMPs). Conference Rundown: CMP Advance is hosted by the Event Industry Council and took place in Toronto Canada. This conference offers a...

About the Planners on Purpose Podcast

Hello! My name is Naomi Tucker and I’m the host of the Planners on Purpose Podcast. I’m also the Founder of Planners on Purpose where event planners are encouraged and empowered to ditch their stress to live their lives more abundantly

I’m passionate about reducing burnout in the event industry, so you’ll find that my podcast episodes focus on helping planners manage their burnout and boost their creativity and leadership. I know how easy it is for tasks to stack up on your plate. My purpose is to help coach you through those tough moments and help you find productive solutions so that you don’t have to face the horrible burnout factor again.

As you listen to my podcast, You’ll take a journey of self-discovery, and may also pick up a few tools to put into your toolkit of event planning. 

I hope you enjoy listening!


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