Planners, Ease Your Stress with These 10 Easy Tips

by Jul 10, 2014

Event planners have a role that is filled with its share of stress. Only event planners know how and why event planning was rated in the top 10 for the most stressful jobs in 2014 by Huffington Post. We are doing more than ever, with little time, which can lead to one key thing – an increase in stress. So, how do we relieve the stress that we feel as we are working in making fabulous events everyday? Here are 10 easy tips to ease your stress.

  1. Accept that you can’t control everything
    It may come as a surprise to you, but as event planners, we can’t control everything. It’s hard for our type A nature to accept this fact, but accepting that some things just are out of our control can help release some stress, and encourage you to move on to a resolution.
  2. Breathe
    When we are stressed, we tend to hold all of that stress in our upper body (neck, shoulders, back). Making sure you are taking nice breaths as you are working in a stressful situation will help ease some tension that might be plaguing your body. Another tip: If you can get some private space, just do 2 minutes of deep breathing exercises, and continue to work through them until some of your stress is relieved.
  3. Loosen Up
    In addition to breathing, try to loosen up your body by incorporating some stretches to ease tension. Try neck rolls, and back rolls to relax your muscles in your upper body.
  4. Be Present
    Sometimes worrying about “what’s happening now”, “what is to happen”, and “what happened yesterday”, at the same time can be overwhelming. Try to stay present in the task at hand, you might find that you execute your meetings naturally and better with this increased amount of focus.
  5. Do something that pleases you (a hobby)
    Stressful event? Do something at the conclusion of your event that you enjoy. If you love to read, read a book. If you like to dance and listen to music – throw your Zumba music on and give it a whirl in your hotel room. Book a spa appointment. You can always relieve stress when you look out for yourself. Keep you happy.
  6. Talk to another planner (or yourself)
    No one knows quite what we go through like another planner. Pick up the phone and call a colleague. Express yourself, and get out your anxiety. This not only helps to ease your stress, but helps you to reset your response position to a stressful situation.
  7. Laugh
    Have you ever had one of those laughs that hurt your belly so much you couldn’t stop? This is ever so good for your physical well being. It keeps you happy. If you are able to laugh off some of your disparities with your onsite colleagues, you could relieve some of the stress you feel.
  8. Stay fit
    Staying fit while you are planning your event can help you ease your stress. Take some necessary steps to eat right, and get exercise during your meeting to help remain stress-free.
  9. Try meditation
    Sometimes meditation feels funny, but it works. Get in a quiet room, put on some music, and try to reflect on calming your thoughts.
  10. Sleep on it
    Getting a good nights rest is always a great remedy to the end of a challenging day. Try to get 6 hours or more of sleep if you can each night.

I hope you were able to take away some pieces of information of this post to help you remain stress-free. Do you have any more tips? Would love to hear your comments below.


Photo credit: Private sunshine by David Jubert via Flickr


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