Plan the Summer Event You Can Be Proud of

by Jun 22, 2017

Summer is here and it is hot! And the hot weather blooms event trends that are bound to warm it up. The fun thing about summer is that in some cases, nature does the work for you. However, there are other ways planners can add a little sizzle to their summer events and make them memorable for everyone.

Take it outside

For many people summer is a time to delight in the beautiful weather. This is why you should capitalize on the opportunities to bring the event experience outdoors. An outdoor environment always has the organic appeal that nature offers. If you want to slowly introduce an open atmosphere at your events, try experimenting first with event functions such as coffee breaks, team buildings, and receptions. Otherwise, take advantage of the weather and see what options are available to you to work with. Venues such as botanical gardens, zoos, and parks can provide lots of greenery and floral so that your decorating can be minimal and be an attraction for your guests. And of course, don’t forget to have a backup plan always, for any cases of inclement weather.

Pop that Color

Summer brings such vibrancy of color that you almost have no choice but to add a little of that boldness to your summer events. Summer is the perfect excuse to go brighter. The brighter the better! You can add color to your events, by experimenting with floral that are in season. Additionally, look at adding table accents and decor in your color of choice. Some popular areas to spruce up your events are table linens, table runners, napkins, and centerpieces. Some more unique areas would be with uplighting, table chairs, and even soft seating. There are some hot color combinations happening this summer, and if you can try to hone in on a few of them. My favorites this season are teal and blush. Teal is such a pristine color, and reminds me of the ocean water in the tropics.  Blush is subtle, but can definitely hold its own and is so beautiful in a garden setting.

Embrace Technology

There are so many technology options that are available now for you to use at events! Some popular uses for technology at events are virtual reality, mixed reality, drones, and event apps. Virtual reality has really exploded, and is becoming even more popular at events. Mixed reality blends both the virtual and physical realities to produce environments where both realities can interact in real time. Drone photography is taking off at events now. They are awesome to be able to take phenomenal footage and photo shots at destination events and weddings. It might be a good idea to alert your attendees that you will have drone technology so that they opt out if at all possible. Finally personalized event apps here to stay. Consider extending the event experience to an app in which attendees can share and be in the know about everything relating to your event.

Go Hybrid

At lot can happen if you allow your chef to have free reign to create some unique dishes for your summer event. The eclectic tastes of unique delicacies will have your attendees talking about your event for a long time to come. Explore the use of dynamic salty/sweet combinations like a salted caramel crème brúlee or maple bacon cupcake.  Just try items that combine flavors in a different way, and see what they do for your event. If you are curious about how things taste, feel comfortable to ask for a tasting of items in question so that you can ensure what is being served to your guests will be pleasant all the way around.

Cocktail Infusion

Like foods, beverages also need a little spice in this summer season. Bartenders are taking their liberties in flavor with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I had a cucumber margarita the other day that was amazing! It was prepared so perfectly that I had to have another along with the exact recipe. Those are the types of experiences that attendees would like to have during your event. They want to experience something to talk about, and how cool is it that you can do it with a beverage! Something different would be adding a little bit of spice to something sweet or even experimenting presentation by adding a lot of foam.  Have fun planning and go out to see what formulas are already are out there that you can incorporate into event. Make your summer events special by having a signature cocktail. Go even further by incorporating your color theme to match!

These are just a few ideas to get your summer events started! I love thinking about new things so that we can always keep our senses fresh. Have you tried any new ideas for summer that were absolutely awesome that you would like to share? Let me know! We would love to be able to learn more from you.


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