New Year’s Resolutions for Busy Event Planners

by Jan 10, 2023

The New Year is here and like every New Year, there are many out there making New Year’s resolutions. And although making resolutions can be yesterday’s news, there are advantages to making your lists and checking them twice. How many years have you pledged to either get healthier and lose those extra pounds, only to end the year unsuccessful and re-committing to the same pledge? As an event planner, it’s important that you handle your desk, but also take care of yourself too this year. Here are some tips that I have for you when it comes to developing your resolutions in the new year.

Keep Your List Small

With every year getting busier for event planners, it is important to have quick and easy goals to strive for as you start to plan your year. Making a small list of items to change can be better than not making a list at all. Resolutions serve the purpose of continuously conditioning the mind to improve on individual challenges and aspirations and a list helps give you a frame of reference when combating change head-on.  My advice for those that are not in the mood to make resolutions is to take a chance to write down a small list of 1-3 items that you would like to change. Try including both personal and professional goals, and remember – baby steps are better than no steps at all.

Stay Aware of Trends

For those looking for a professional commitment this year, it might help to make a commitment to become more aware of issues and trends that affect our industry. The economy will continue to impact our industry each year. As a professional, ensure that you are learning from these challenges, changes, and trends so that you are best prepared in supporting your value for your organization. The industry has shifted, and the face of the industry has changing, make sure that you find yourself shifting as well.

Keep Yourself In Mind

Many times when we develop New Year’s resolutions we tend to often just think about our professional goals and how we can strive harder with our jobs. However, I would encourage you to put yourself on the list. Pick up a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. Focus on friendships that matter. Perhaps even start an event which the focus is to give back to the community. All of these ideas are things can be enriching to your life, so would be worth a try for you to think about what you would love to make more of a priority this year. When you focus on yourself, you’ll avoid the possibility of burning out – keep your eye on your well-being at all costs and give it some focus this year.

Commit to Life-Long Learning

Each year you grow and hopefully, you are learning too.  Many of us think that we learn on the job, which is true, but making a dedication to learning over and above your job will also enhance your life. Take a look into your life and see if there are any intentions placed on professional learning and development. Whether that be going to trainings and conferences that speak to items you are interested in, or perhaps it is taking a course. Whichever it may be, always be expanding and learning and never stop growing.

This was meant to be a brief summary to help you as you are developing your New Year’s resolutions. As a coach, I’m here always rooting for you as you meet your goals. If you have specific goals that you are looking to meet and would like more support with, I’m happy to discuss the possibility of coaching. Here’s to you meeting your personal and professional goals this year!


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