Navigating Problems with Systems, Process, and People

by Nov 27, 2023

Systems, process, and people are three pillars that we want to look through when doing problem-solving for our events, and for our businesses. In this episode, Naomi shares how you can filter problems that are brought to you through this filter to avoid drama and to have ease when solving problems.

When unpacking systems, Naomi speaks about how systems are the framework for which your work is done. It is the interconnected way in which all things are connected for areas of the business or events. When challenges do occur, ensuring that all systems are operating correctly can be helpful as a first check.

Next Naomi discusses processes and how ensuring that there are standard operating procedures in place so that there isn’t a question on process is important. Also, the importance of understanding when challenges happen, that training or alignment may need to be leveraged.

Finally, people can make mistakes. And they can make mistakes more often than we would like. Naomi gives some ways of approaching situations when people are the problem to navigate.

Thank you so much for listening, please stay on purpose!


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