Moments of Freedom

by Jul 4, 2014

Plan It On A Post-it wishes you a Happy Fourth of July on this day to celebrate America’s Independence. While I’m pretty sure there are many of you event planners out there faring the sun and planning spectacular event today, many of us may find ourselves more free. For the multi-tasked event planner, it can be quite tough to take some time to yourself and truly enjoy your family and friends without thinking about that next event you have to plan. Whether you are out executing your event, or trying to relax, we hope you take a moment to just be free.

Free to appreciate your life in this great country

Free to enjoy every moment on this day

Free to absorb all that there is

Free to realize your freedoms you have that other countries do not

Free to take a moment and breathe


Happy Independence Day, From Plan It On A Post-it!


photo credit: sunsurfr via photopin cc


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