Plan Your Next Event, Minus the Burnout

A free mini- course for Event Planners

If you are an event planner and suffering from burnout then you are in the right place! The Managing Your Burnout mini-course will give you the tips you need to eliminate your burnout and reduce your stress so you can get back to a life you love.


Eliminate Burnout

Learn more about burnout and how to immediately put the burn out

Leverage Technology

Understand how to leverage your technology to work for you

Manage Your Health

Gain simple practical tips to healthy living while under stress

Sustain Your Peace

Tips & Techniques…as you continue to continue to move forward

Managing Your Burnout Course Inclusions

What you’ll get in this mini-course:

6 pre-recorded video sessions

The Managing Your Burnout Workbook

The Event Planner Stress Test

Self-Paced Learning Environment

Action steps for each session

This mini-course is for event planners who are…

  • Doing everything they are asked to do, at the expense of self-happiness.

  • Working constantly without recognizing the glaring dangers.

  • Struggling to find the best formula for working productively. 

  • Feeling drained constantly and detached from their work.

  • Wanting more time off, but feel as though work prevents them from taking it.

  • Yearning for a life of more balance, without leaving their love of planning events.

Release Your Burnout and Start Today!

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