How to Make Stress Your Friend

by Oct 5, 2014

As meeting and event planners we all have our share of stress. Yet, is our stress lifting us up or keeping us down?  I want to share this video of Kelly McGonigal, Health Psychologist featured on TED. What Kelly teaches us that is interesting: how you think about stress can be the defining factor for whats hurting you or helping you. Do you view stress as harmful? If you do, you might want to change your thoughts. Studies show that those who thought about harm associated with this pressure, were more inclined to suffer from illness associated with stress. However, those that did not have ill intent behind their thoughts, actually live more productive, joyful, healthier lives.

In meeting and event planning, it is very easy to be overwhelmed. It is important that we discover tools to help us effectively deal with our stress, instead of letting the stress deal with us. A great way to let off steam and feel better is to talk with someone about the problems that you are facing. If you recognize others struggling, help them through, and do something encouraging for them so that they can debunk their stressful moments. Surround yourself with colleagues and family that care about you. We can’t get rid of our stress in this industry, but we can make stress our friend. Check out this video and let me know what you think!

Photo credit: Ted Conference via Flickr


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